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To advertise here contact us at info@rsb.co.bw

How can I become a member of this society?
Please click here for information on how to become a member. Alternatively you can contact us at info@rsb.co.bw or +26773143991 for further information.
How much is the subscription fee for members of Radiographers Society of Botswana (RSB)?
A once off registration fee of P100.00 is paid upon registration and there is an annual subscription fee is P200.00.
How can I get a job as a radiographer in Botswana?
Please click here to see currently available vacancies as advertised in our website.

Alternatively one can independently enquire from the Ministry of Health and Wellness for a job in the government sector or from private institutions for a job in the private sector.
Do I have to be registered with Radiographers Society of Botswana to work in Botswana?
Registration with Radiographers Society of Botswana is not compulsory albeit it is encouraged. Nevertheless, please note that is a legal requirement to register with Botswana Health Professions Council to practice as a radiographer in Botswana.